About Real Change Global

Real Change Global Corporation is a unique voice in the field of High Performance Leadership and Organizations.  From our origins in the nonprofit sector, we have entered the marketplace on a mission to facilitate the development of transformational leaders.  Our values and practices inspire sustainable growth and change from the inside out.

Our commitment is to awaken the potential in leaders, to practice authenticity in our partnerships, to provide customization in all areas of service, and to release real, lasting change.  Our team operates with excellence as the foundation for greater levels of performance and creative expansion individually and corporately.  As expert change agents, we will energize leaders and teams to achieve optimum results.

What People Are Saying. . .

  • Bonnie Wozniak and the team at RCG is focused on transformation, not transaction.  The intentionality for participants to experience behavior change is evident in the coaching, curriculum and with each interaction. There is no way a participant’s leadership will not be changed for the better after having experienced Real Change Global.

    Ryan Bowman
    Chick-fil-A LRP Training Manager
  • RCG did a great job modeling for the students the proper coaching methods including holding them accountable to the goals at hand…Even after official work is done, I would have no hesitation to reach back out for coaching.

    Jessica O”Neill
    Chick-fil-A Senior Program Coordinator
  • Bonnie became my friend and my coach trainer in January of 2012, and had an immediate impact on the way I approached people, especially people who are not like me. I am naturally a very driven, very goal oriented person, probably like many operators in our company. My tendency had always been to ‘run over’ the quiet people and hurt the feelings of the nice people. As I began understand this about myself, I recognized my tendencies, adjust my style for those people, (who are so important!) and learn to meet them where they are, rather than expecting people to meet me where I am.

    Mark Morse
    Owner Operator, Chick-fil-A, Lumberton

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