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EMPOWERMENT PRODUCES RESULTS The pursuit of power is universal and rightly human. I want to know that I can make a difference. I want whatever it takes, the power, to do just that. Let’s clarify terms and point of view. The role of leader inherently means power. A leader is someone who has influence, an…



Outstanding Leaders

“Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish.” – Sam Walton

How are you doing at boosting the self-esteem of those you lead?


Setting the Pace

From the Chess Not Checkers Field Guide – “Emerging high performers in business are no different than those in athletics.  They need someone to show them the way to greatness.” I had some great coaches and team members who inspired and challenged me to become better. So – Who showed you the way to greatness? and How…



React or Respond?

When Technology Isn’t Your Friend… These days, progress often means a new opportunity for technology to be the answer. Exciting to engage with a new, reportedly more efficient tool or to stay with the current trend. Technology—the wave of the future. Okay, jumping on board. Then your best efforts go south. The link that was…



Field of Dreams

This weekend I watched a movie that is on my top ten list, Field of Dreams. The following dialogue is from one of my favorite scenes. John Kinsella: Is this heaven? Ray Kinsella: It’s Iowa. John Kinsella: Iowa? I could have sworn this was heaven. [starts to walk away] Ray Kinsella: Is there a heaven? John…


Vision & Purpose

I had a friend who often said “Vision gives pain a purpose.” There is great truth in this simple but deeply profound statement.  I’d be willing to endure hardship, sorrow, and even pain if it meant the fulfillment of a dream or at least a step in that direction.  What pains might you need to…



Life and Death

I recently had a good friend pass away. It got me thinking – death is a part of life, and sometimes life cannot happen without a death first. Often times we do not like the topic of death, but it seems that death has the potential to be a good thing, depending on how you…


Point of View and the Organization

Point of View and the Organization As a leader, I have an inner cry to know where I stand in the big picture. I need to have my boundaries of influence and authority articulated and expressed to those around me. In high school art class, we were instructed to choose a perspective for our drawings.…


Author’s Place in the Picture

Author’s Place in the Picture I stand uniquely in my place in the picture of leadership development and organizational health and high performance. Along the way my canvasses for expression have been not the typical story to lead to this position. I make no apologies. This world is for me. My passions are deep and…