Real Change Global Corporation exists to provide customizable, application-oriented leadership coaching, leadership training, coach training and personal development. Our approach is transformational and holistic in order to cultivate high performing leaders. We serve executives, leadership teams and individual leaders at all levels.

Real Change Global’s distinctive is a capacity to formulate customizable packages to meet the individualized needs of your organization. Through a collaborative effort in a consultation our leadership coaches will propose either a single-service focus or a combination of varied services in a six or twelve month package to develop you and your leaders. We specialize in training in coaching skills, offering leadership development workshops, creating and maintaining a High Performance Organization.

Real Change Global Corporation offers



for sustainable change

For need-based, targeted growth


For optimum engagement and application-oriented


For personal growth and



Individual coaching

Individual or leadership

team coaching

Leadership team workshop


6 or 12 month contracts

One hour; 1X – 2X monthly

Phone or in-person

Option for executive leader to assign coaching hours

for senior leaders

Training workshops for leaders

Design and content customized

Half-day or full-day


Awakens individual potential Clarifies the leader’s voice

Bridges the “why” with the systems and behaviors

Challenges unhealthy reactions

Empowers growth in tangible and intangible ways

Provides tools for maximum results

Equips with content consistent with organization’s unique culture

Inspires growth mindset with action for individuals & teams



Passionate, certified change agents committed excellence

Grounded in HPO principles

& practices

Trainers in RCG’s original Leadership Coaching Certification

Experts in communication


Trained in fostering dreams

Offers the atmosphere for authentic change

Strategies for actionable improvements

Original RCG resources, assessments & feedback


            Real Change Global Corporation exists to equip and empower leaders and organizations to pursue and achieve a legacy of increasing success and maximum Kingdom impact.


To awaken the heart and voice of the leader

To empower leaders to thrive holistically, in the workplace and personal life

To utilize a transformational coaching paradigm to facilitate real, lasting change

To offer experiential, training opportunities that inspire ownership and accountability

To impact leaders and organizations with the importance and ability to operate from authentic, personalized core values

To inspire and train organizations to operate as a high performance organization

Core Values:

  1. Honor and Integrity:

The corporation is committed to the value and development of leadership that embodies integrity and honor.

  1. Excellence and Quality:

The corporation is determined to pursue professional management and superior deliverables.

  1. Empowerment and Teamwork:

The corporation embraces the conviction that all individuals and teams are valuable contributors and worthy investments.

  1. Learning and Transformation:

The corporation is dedicated to advancing the education of its members and the process of transformation that releases sustainable change.

  1. Creativity and Innovation:

The corporation encourages originality, change, and imagination to inspire relevancy and vitality.

  1. Authenticity and Customization

The corporation will provide an atmosphere of authenticity and concern for the needs of the individual customer.

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